6 Benefits of Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

Mar 30, 2022 | Metal roofing

Metal roofing can have several benefits, so if you are considering standing seam metal roof installation for your property, you are at the right place. We will list the benefits of a standing seam metal roof and why you should get it.


The Benefits of Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

Standing seam metal roof can be an ideal choice for installation in your house. They have many benefits as they are durable and even fire resistant. Their advantages are many, including:

1. They Have Concealed Fasteners:

Concealed fasteners are used in installation of standing seam metal roof. This means that their fasteners are not visible, making them pleasing to look at. Moreover, UV rays, wind, and moisture will not be able to wear them. A screw can cause leaks, but you can consider your metal roof safe since it has no holes from the screw.

2. Fire Resistant Roofing Panels

Standing seam metal roof is worth the installation because they are not combustible. Metal roofs are a good safety option for your house, life, and budget. Forest fires are rising, but these metal roofs have a Class A Fire Rating. In other words, they have the highest possibility to survive and withstand fire exposure. But it depends on the roofing underlayment you are using, so make sure it is Class A.

3. Low Maintenance Roofing

Compared to tiles or other roofing systems, a standing seamless metal roof is an excellent installation choice. For instance, you do not need to constantly check for loose or damaged fasteners as they are weather-tight. Other than this, they allow thermal movement, which means expanding and contracting fasteners will not be an issue. Thus, having concealed fasteners brings a lot of perks.

You must regularly do roof maintenance for any potential issues at least once a year.

4. Metal Roofing Saves Energy

A metal roof is a cool roof as generally cool metal roofing coils are used to make them. As a result, metal roofing has a low surface temperature. It can reflect the sun’s heat and radiation instead of absorbing it, keeping your residence relatively cooler and even saving AC costs.

5. Modern Roof Design

Standing seam metal roofing installation has another benefit: it gives your property a sleek and polished appearance. You can also decide on color from the wide range of options for your metal roof and color coordinate your roof with the rest of the structure. Moreover, since the screw heads are not visible, it adds to the appeal of the roof.

6. Multiple Material Options

You can get your metal roof made from aluminum, zinc, copper, or other steel substrates. Get a good engineering system onboard for your preference and the standard of the material.



If you are planning to go with standing seamless metal roof installation, there are a lot of benefits to it. Although there are some drawbacks, like being expensive, you can explore the option and see if it fits your overall budget and style. If you want more details on metal roofs or want to get one, contact us, Kraft Roofing And Construction, at 346-345-4335.