Are Floating Shelves In My Kitchen A good Idea?

Jan 15, 2022 | Shelves

Remodeling an old kitchen may be the right decision for increasing the curb appeal and overall value of your asset. If you are looking for ideas, how about replacing your kitchen cabinets? In the world of ideas, floating shelves in the kitchen are gaining popularity. But are they right for you? The answer is not that simple; because it depends on your belonging and the aesthetics you are aiming for.

Enlisted are some of the ideas that will help you make the right decision regarding floating kitchen shelves.

Idea 1: Replacing wall cabinets with floating shelves

Advantage: The kitchen will have a linear and apparently cleaner look overall. Moreover, you will have more chances to play with the aesthetics, grab your favorite kitchenware, and set them up on display. You can mix and match colors, patterns,or textures.

Disadvantage: your items will get dusty, so there will be a lot of washing required to keep them squeaky clean. Also, once you have decided on the look of your shelf, keeping them in that particular place will be a task. Well, floating shelves in the kitchen may look effortless, but you have to strive in order to make it work.

Idea 2: Add Floating Shelves in the Corner of your kitchen

Advantage: they are an alternative to the corner wall cabinets that look plain weird. The corner is a perfect spot for storing large items that are not used that often and wouldn’t take much of your space either.

Disadvantage: dust is the enemy, but it is not much hassle if the items are not regular use. You can schedule cleaning like regular ones and dust them off occasionally.

Idea 3: Framing the Range Hood with Floating Shelves

Advantage: it looks perfect for a break up in the section of a wall cabinet. This trick comes in handy when you have less space to work with.

Disadvantage: area might be an issue; if you are replacing a substantial cabinet of about 24 inches with floating shelves, you may lose some space. Moreover, reaching up high will be troublesome for cleaning dust.

Idea 4: One Long Floating Shelf

Advantage: this is by far the best amongst the look. It is quintessentially clean and works perfectly for the minimalistic look. Having a long floating shelf in will make your small space look bigger. It is one of the trendy looks and is gaining popularity fast.

Disadvantage: this type significantly lessens the storage space and works best if you have a minimalist vision. However, it means that you will have to use the items kept on it regularly to avoid dust accumulation.

Idea 5: Custom Bar Floating Shelves in The Kitchen

Advantage: open shelf serves as a perfect way of showing off glasses and your liquor collection. They work well in less spaces and work best in a small area.

Disadvantage: the only issue is dust; it is a bigger headache with all the glasses on it. The particles are even more prominent in such type, and cleaning becomes a task.


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