Brick Tile Floor — There is More to Them Then Their Looks!

Feb 28, 2022 | Brick tile

A brick tile floor really adds to the warmth and the feeling of being home. There is that coziness about sitting in a room with brick tiles. They are pleasing to the eye, but they also have other benefits!


What is a Brick Tile?

Brick tiles are blocks of bricks that you can use as a tile.

Kaolin or China Clay and Shay are usually used to make clay pavers, a brick used for flooring, giving them a smooth texture that makes them ideal for indoor application.


What are the Benefits of Getting a Brick Tile Floor?

A brick tile floor is not only appealing to the eye but also has many other benefits. These include:

  1. They are Pocket Friendly
  2. Stays Warm in Winters
  3. Easy To Maintain
  4. Durable
  5. It Can Resist Fire
  6. Has a Rustic Appearance

1. They are Pocket Friendly:

Brick tiles are less expensive compared to other tiles, like ceramic. Thin brick tiles cover the floor, whereas thick ones are used for masonry. This means depending on the nature and material of bricks, you can get them for a considerably low price.

2. Stays Warm In Winters

Yes, you read that right. Your brick tile floor can stay warm even in winters. They might be hard, but you can easily walk on them without fearing the stinging cold that comes with stone floors. If you use them with radiant floor heating, you can get just why brick floors are the hype!

3. Easy to Maintain

A brick tile floor can catch stains easily, but the rough texture hides them well. You can easily clean and maintain it as well. The worn look adds to its beauty, but you can vacuum and scrub them easily. The battered appearance will add to its beauty, and you can make less fuss about cleaning them in contrast to other tiles. Also, regularly apply a suitable sealant for their maintenance.

4. Brick Tile Floor is Durable

Brick floors are durable as they resist any wear or tear. Your pets, kids, moved furniture, and the on-goings of a busy household will not harm them like other tiled floors. Moreover, they can resist fire as well!

5. It Can Resist Fire

These brick tile floor’s benefits are lit! Well, maybe because they can withstand fire. Yes, you read that right— brick floors are fireproof! They can also delay the spread of fire from one room to another, and are a suitable option for fireplaces, furnaces, and near wood stoves.

6. Has a Rustic Appearance

If you are someone who prefers a cottage, farm, or warm yet bold and informal look, you can consider brick tiles. They wear with time and add to the beauty of the area. Also, it has an eye-catching and captivating design which adds warmth over time. You can say brick floors become more appealing over time. But if you are not one for rustic floors, feel free to skip it!



Brick floors are aesthetically pleasing, but they have more benefits than that. If you want to go for it, you can contact us, Kraft Roofing And Construction, at 346-345-4335 or