How To Install Metal Roofing In 11 Easy Steps

Dec 15, 2021 | Metal roofing

Do you want to install metal roofing? Metal roofing is becoming popular due to its sleek and modern look. It is maintenance-free and has no visible seams. By installing metal roofing, even light rain can wash sticks and leaves off your roof. What’s more, you don’t need to worry about algae and moss growth with this roofing. Let’s find out how to install metal roofing in 11 easy steps.


Step 1: Apply The Underlayment

Underlayment is the first layer on top of most roof decks. While laying the underlayment, make sure to keep it flat and wrinkle-free. You can use a self-healing membrane to protect your roof deck. Remove the bottom half of the adhesive backing and unroll the underlayment across your roof.

Step 2: Choose Panels That Fit

You should try to avoid seams on your roof. Not only they don’t look good, but they can also trap water underneath the panels. Make sure you have metal roofing panels that completely fit.
If your roof has a chimney or skylights, hiring a professional to help you with that section is advisable. For this reason, feel free to hire Kraft Roofing for roof installation and replacement.

Step 3: Bend Trim Ends

Before you install the trim, bend it closed. Take the leading end and wrap it around the corner. Create tabs by making a series of one-inch cuts at each bend. Close any gaps left by the trim.

Step 4: Fasten Eave Trim

Install the eave trim and fasten it to the fascia and roof deck over the underlayment. If you live in warmer climates, attach the eave before the underlayment. Install these at the top of the underlayment for cooler climates to prevent ice dams on the roof.

Step 5: Overlap Trims

Splice trim ends where they meet. Cut the bottom hem of the trim and install it. Then, apply sealant on top and slide it over the underlapping trim’s hem where you cut it.
The edge of metal roofing materials can be very sharp. So make sure to wear thick safety gloves while working with sharp items.

Step 6: Establish A Square Reference Line

To install metal roofing panels evenly, establish a square reference line. You can use the 3-4-5 method to form a reference line at a 90-degree angle to the eave.

Step 7: Set The Panels

Place each metal panel on the closure strip. These strips will keep water and bugs from getting underneath. Then, position these strips along the eave and stick them to the panels with tape. Apply sealant on top of the closure strip and set your panel. Adjust the panel if needed.

Step 8: Fasten The Panels

Drive screws tightly to make your roof watertight. You can start fastening the panels from the bottom, working toward the ridge. Make sure not to over-tight or under-tight the panels. You should tighten just enough till the edge of the screw head. Compress the rubber gasket, not past it. Once you’re done fastening, clean up any burrs to avoid rusting.

Step 9: Overlap The Panels

Overlap the last rib present on each panel. Ensure that these panels perfectly nest together.

Step 10: Cover The Rake Edge

Attach the gable trim once you’re done fastening all the panels. After you bend the trim to meet the corner at the eave, use butyl tape and apply it on the underside of the trim. Then, press it and drive screws over the tape.

Step 11: Secure The Ridge Cap

Cap the roof by applying butyl tape to closure strips and screw the ridge cap to the roof. Next, apply sealant on the foam closure and fit the ridge cap to the roof deck with screws. This way, all the water will exit the roof without touching the underlayment.
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