Recognizing Hurricane Roof Damage

May 15, 2021 | Roof Damage

Every Texan is well aware of the potential for hurricane roof damage. But, while some issues are clear and obvious, some are not so obvious. Just because you can’t see these issues doesn’t mean they are not there, though, which is why it’s important to recognize the signs of hurricane roof damage and take steps to begin crucial roof repairs.

Your home is colder than usual

One of the most obvious signs that your home has suffered unnoticeable roof damage following a hurricane is that your home is colder than usual. This can occur after debris from the hurricane collides with your house. If this is the case, you will need roof repair to plug any gaps and make the affected area safe and secure.

A colder home can cause numerous issues. You will spend more on energy bills to keep the house warm, and there is also a chance for animals and critters, such as birds or lizards, to make a nest in your roof. Furthermore, as your home is more exposed to these elements, there is a risk of further weather damage.

Leaks have appeared

If a leak has appeared around your ceiling directly under your roof, such as in the bedroom or bathroom, this is a sign that your roof has been damaged by a hurricane. Following the storm, water may have pooled around your roof; unfortunately, water only finds its way downward.

These leaks can cause dampness on the frames and affect your home’s structural integrity. If you do not deal with it as soon as possible, this dampness could lead to rot, which puts your home at a more significant risk.

There is shingle debris around your property

The issues do not merely occur inside the house. Hurricane winds can reach speeds of 110mph, and this can easily dislodge roof shingles. But, from the ground, you can’t always see these dislodged shingles. Losing these shingles can put your home at risk of further weather damage, even during regular rainfall.

Following a hurricane, you should make a point to inspect the area around your property. If you find shingle debris, whether full shingles or pieces of shingles, there is a strong chance that the hurricane has torn them from your roof.

Get up and inspect

As you can’t always tell if hurricane damage has affected your home, you can always climb up onto the roof to inspect the area for any issues. However, while this seems like a straightforward solution, it is not always safe, especially following a powerful hurricane.

Instead, we recommend that you hire a professional roof repair service to inspect for you. Professional roofing services have all the tools and safety measures needed to ensure they are protected when climbing onto a roof. Additionally, they can also identify issues that you may miss.

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