What Do I Do About The Roof Leaks After Heavy Rain Spells?

Jan 30, 2022 | Roofing Work

Roof leaks during the heavy rain season are widespread. However, no one wants to run for the bucket every time it rains! If your roof leaks every time during heavy rain showers, you better get it fixed, or it will cost you a fortune in the longer run.

Many leaks in the roof during rain happen because the system has exhausted, it is old and damaged letting water through. You may find no drips during the light rainy episode. However, this does not mean that there is nothing to worry about. During light showers, the water does seep in but gets absorbed midway. Let’s look at some causes of roof leaks during heavy or light rain.


Many commercial setups have plumbing sticking out from the flat roof that leaks when it rains. The pipes should have proper attachments since the holes around them may serve as the entry spot for water.


The roof has numerous vents to allow the heat of the house to flow out, whether it is from the stove, attic or bathrooms. If the contractor does not seal the edges with care, then vents will damage, letting water in.

Water Ponding

Water ponding is a common problem on flat and low slope roofs when a large quantity of water gathers there and leaks through roof after heavy rain.

Clogged Gutters

If the gutters are clogged with debris and leaves, the water won’t flow properly and divert it elsewhere, i.e., inside the house. Make sure they are clean at all times so that they adequately work during rainy spells.


Usually, chimneys are not appropriately maintained, and aging results in deterioration. This leads to the development of cracks in the cement.

Fixing Roof Leaks

Temporary Fix
If water is seeping inside your house, you should first find collect the water and keep it from causing more damage. Use buckets, containers, even bowls, or jugs. Next, place a tarp on the leaking areas to stop more water from coming in. Ensure weighing the corners of the trap, so it doesn’t blow away.

You may need towels or anything similar for ceasing water from coming into large holes in the roof. Every roof leak is different, so need to assess the problem and figure out the best course of action is until your roof leak is professionally repaired.

Call a Roofing Contractor
Once there is no immediate danger, reach out to a professional fixer.

Extract Water From Your House

Get rid of any standing water in the house. If you don’t possess anything to clean it up, call a water extraction company for help and come get it all out as soon as possible.


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