What Is the Difference Between Vinyl and Aluminum Gutters?

Nov 15, 2020 | Vinyl vs Aluminum Gutters

Gutters have an important role in your homes. They keep your home attractive and protect it from water damage. keep reading to learn the difference between Vinyl and Aluminum Gutters.

If you have not installed gutters or if gutters are not functioning, there is a chance that the rainwater and melting snow can damage your property. It can erode the home foundation; it can ruin your landscaping, rot your windows, or your roof itself can leak. Hence we always suggest you choose the best gutters possible.

There are two options you should consider when looking into the material gutters are made up of.

Although you can find gutters made from many different materials, some options are better than others. Two of the most common gutter materials are vinyl and aluminum. To help you understand and decide quickly, we’ve explained both the options below.

What Is The Difference Between Vinyl And Aluminum Gutters?

Aluminum gutters are made of lightweight aluminum material and used in homes and offices for many years. On the other hand, vinyl gutters are made from lightweight plastic and are widely known as PVC gutters or plastic gutters.

Vinyl gutters are famous because of their snap installation method by DIY users. Whichever you choose depends on several factors—the material it is made up of, where you would be using it, and any special requirements, etc.

Some factors to consider before choosing:

Ease Of Installation

  • Installation of PVC gutters would be easier for DIY’ers as vinyl gutters snap to one another, but they are quite challenging to install compared to aluminum in reality.
  • Due to the many seams in a vinyl gutter, it becomes a time-consuming job if you are doing it yourself, an if lookout for professional installation, will most likely not find anyone for the installation of vinyl gutters.
  • On the other hand, though aluminum gutters are also lightweight as vinyl gutters, it is easier to install them as it has lesser seams and new aluminum gutters are seamless. If you seek professionals, most gutter installation teams work with aluminum, so you can easily find for the job.

Performance And Durability of Vinyl And Aluminum Gutters

  • When comparing both the gutters, you will most probably look for durability. Aluminum gutters are stronger for the price. They do not bend or rust and typically last for about 20 years in any climate. Aluminum can withstand snow and ice as well.
  • On the other hand, vinyl is also rust and corrosion resistant but is not as strong as aluminum. Regular change in weather between heat and cold can cause cracks in its structure. Even snow and ice can bend it, decreasing its performance and leading to damages beyond repair. Vinyl gutters are best for long-lasting usage in dry, mild climates.

Material Cost

  • Most people look for a cost-effective product when installing gutter systems. Both vinyl and aluminum have low costs compared to steel gutters. But because vinyl can wear out quicker compared to aluminum, chances are you have to pay more for replacing plastic gutters.

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