Why Replace Your Front Door? 5 Reasons to Make a Change

Mar 30, 2021 | Front Door

We come in and out of our home’s front door regularly, sometimes in a hurry, and don’t give it very much thought. There are several reasons why you may want to replace your front door, however. With new advancements in front door design and technology, there are benefits to making an upgrade.

Security & Accessibility

New exterior doors are designed with security features that make them harder for intruders to get into making you and your family safer and more secure. There are also new architectural designs that make getting in and out of your front door easier for residents. A wider door with a lower threshold, for example, may make coming and going a lot easier for those with strollers or wheelchairs.


Many existing front doors aren’t compatible with smart home technology. You may have to replace your front door to take advantage of smart door locks that allow you to lock and unlock your front door automatically or with a smartphone app. This technology helps to make your home more secure and can give you peace of mind.

Energy Efficiency

Making your home energy efficient can greatly reduce home heating and cooling costs in addition to making them more comfortable while keeping the unwanted temps outside. Upgrading your home’s windows is one way to make your home more energy-efficient but you can also replace your front door.


New exterior doors are much improved over the ones designed even a few years ago. They withstand the elements and damage from storms better so they look amazing for years without needing a coat of paint. The insulation is also much more durable meaning your front door will be energy efficient for much longer than the door you currently have.

Curb Appeal

Another great benefit when you replace your front door is improved curb appeal. You can give your home a whole new look just by choosing a new front door and creating a new look for your entryway. Other entryway upgrades can include adding side windows, a portico, walkways, or landscaping.

The older your existing one is, the bigger the difference you’ll notice when you replace your front door. We’d love to come to meet you, see your home, and show you some options with a free inspection and estimate. Call (281) 816-7101 or email Kraft Roofing today to schedule your consultation.